A Choice Between Two by Sagan Morrow

Author Sagan Morrow
Title A choice Between Two 
Series Polyamorous Passions #1
Genre romance
Number of pages 85
Published August 2018

Rating 💚💚💚💚
Cover 💛💛💛

Received from Author

One of my favorite thing about book blogging is being introduced to new genres, new mythologies and different ways people live life. The Choice Between Two is one of those books.

Because it's such an interesting subject (I may have watched way too many YouTube videos :)) I asked an author to write a little bit about how she came up with the subject. And here it is.

In late 2017, I realized that I identify as polyamorous... and I was floored that it took me almost three decades to figure that out about myself! I began looking for romance novels featuring that topic, but was disappointed with how few I could find. So I decided to start writing the books I wished I could read. 

Because ethical non-monogamy was so new to me, it only felt natural to write about characters discovering polyamory. It was an opportunity for me to also anticipate what issues could theoretically arise and have my characters work them out (so that hopefully in real life I don't make similar mistakes, haha). And since polyamory is all about loving multiple people simultaneously, then it seemed like the best course of action to have three main characters instead of one over the course of a nine-book series! 

The Polyamorous Passions series uncovers some of the struggles (and benefits) of ethical non-monogamy and illustrates what polyamorous relationships can look like. It is my hope that these novellas can help reduce stigma and provide new perspectives around different types of relationships while entertaining the reader through fictional stories. 


Emma has been dating Josh for the past six months. While she likes him a lot, they don't spend a lot of time together- they both have very demanding careers. When she meets Carlos, the sparks fly. Because John and she haven't talked about being exclusive, she decides to date both (without telling them at first) and the impossible happens, she falls in love with both. Then the time comes, to tell the truth, but they might not like it so much.

I liked reading the story very much, it's a very different way to solve a love triangle (what if few other love triangles from popular books would have been solved that way? :) ). I liked Emma and her group of friends. She is a very interesting character. The writing is good, and the book is on the shorter side, but very addicting and can't wait to read the next one. :) My only complaint is the dialog, it could use some polishing. :)

Happy reading,

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