Unlucky in Love by A. J. Renee

Author A. J. Renee
Title Unlucky in Love
Genre adult, contemporary, romance
Number of pages 225
Published January 30th, 2019

Received from Xpresso Book Tours


Rating 💚💚💚
Cover 💛💛


Lucky in Love. That’s the name of the dating app I picked, hoping to find Mr. Better Than Average so I can hold off planning my future as a cat lady. I’ve been distracted eyeballing a tall, dark, and handsome Latin hottie who works in the library with me. He is way out of my league, and a woman has needs if you know what I mean. Finding a man shouldn’t be hard when all I have to do is swipe left or right. It’ll weed out the slimy men who have Bad Date written all over them. Yeah, I’m learning quickly that I’m rather unlucky in love after all. The men I pick need warning labels, kissing lessons, and a good talking-to about manners. Should I throw in the towel, or will this series of bad dates be exactly what I need to win Mr. Right?


I enjoyed reading the book very much, it's one of that book that just makes you feel good... and LOL. :)

Izzy download an app called Lucky in love, hoping to find a boyfriend. She goes on dates, one worse than the other until she figures out that what she needs what in front of her nose all the time. I loved Izzy's voice, she is such a fun character. 
Happy reading,

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