Lincoln by Christina Bauer

Author Christina Bauer
Title Lincoln
Series Angelbound Origins #1.5
Published February 24th, 2019 by Monster House Books
Genre fantasy, paranormal, ya, romance
Number of pages 300


Rating 💚💚💚💚💚
Cover 💛💛💛

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***Experience the events of Angelbound from Prince Lincoln’s point of view…And then enjoy an all-new part of his story!*** 

When it comes to fighting demons, Prince Lincoln is the greatest warrior in the history of his people, the thrax. Now Lincoln faces his hardest fight yet…and it’s not on a traditional battlefield.

Lincoln is falling in love. And the girl is part demon. 

Between a fated dance at the Ryder mansion…a life-changing walk through a hedgerow maze…and a massive battle with none other than the King of Hell…Lincoln realizes that he wants to share his life with Myla Lewis, the part-demon girl who has captured his heart. However, an evil thrax noble—the powerful Earl of Acca—is prepared to do anything to stop Lincoln and Myla from having a future.

But Lincoln won’t give up on his Myla. Ever. 

To fight Aldred, Lincoln works to create a different kind of marriage—an Alliance of the lesser thrax houses against Acca. Sadly, just as Lincoln starts to make some progress, the nobles who’ve joined his Alliance begin to vanish. Is Aldred behind the disappearances, or is someone else vying for power? When Lincoln discovers the truth, it upends his entire world, threatening his future with Myla in ways no one could ever have imagined.

“I absolutely love Christina Bauer’s style, full of action, intense scenes, and characters that will test one’s imaginations to the max!”Tome Tender Book Blog


I love reading books that tell the same story, from a different perspective, especially if it is one of my favorite (like Angelbound). You know what is going to happen and what comes next, so you just enjoy seeing your favorite characters from different eyes. I expected the same from Lincoln and was very surprised. It's set in the same time and it follows loosely the events from Angelbound, but there is so much more. And it is so awesome. 💚💚💚💚💚 (When I re-read the story, I saw that the author made a note about it in the beginning, but I didn't see it- I usually just skip to the story itself. :))

Lincoln is one of my all-time favorite characters, he is seriously bad-ass, Prince of the Thrax, can kick any demons ass and is just the best. Following his journey in Angelbound, we get to see a lot more of him, the way he is scheming behind king's back, the way he is basically ruling the Thrax, how sweet he actually is and how much he did for Myla even before they were together. I was so pleasantly surprised that there was a valid reason for his supposed demon hatred and it's so sweet. :)

There is a lot of political intrigues (which I love), Lincoln is working hard to make an alliance with Thrax houses, so he can fight Acca house - they seriously suck. :) And then there is another (whole new) mysterious threat-to Thrax and Myla. 

And the writing, it so addicting, I couldn't put the story down and read it in one sitting and then I re-read it right away. I love the fact that both stories: Angelbound and Lincoln can stand on its' own. 

It's seriously so good. Highly recommend it!

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  1. This sounds like such an addictive and well written read! Great review! :)


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