Stolen Goods by Kay Marie

Author Kay Marie
Title Stolen Goods
Series To Catch a Thief #2
Genre romance, adult, crimi
Number of pages 226
Published January 7th, 2019

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Rating 💚💚💚💚💚
Cover 💛💛💛


Catch Me If You Can meets Tangled in this funny and feel-good adventurous romance, new from bestselling author Kaitlyn Davis, writing as Kay Marie.

Addison Abbot is a dreamer—she dreams of owning her own cake shop, of traveling the world, of finding Prince Charming. But when it comes to actually following any of those dreams, she's a little, well, stuck. So when a devilishly handsome stranger saves her from two robbers with guns and pulls her into the adventure of a lifetime, she's determined to find her fairytale ending—until she realizes he's the most wanted criminal in America, that is.

Thaddeus Ryder was just another run-of-the-mill international art thief until his latest heist went south. Now, his face is on every news station, his name is making headlines, and his partner is working for the feds. Talk about a bad week on the job. His only option is to flee the country. But when hitmen for the Russian mafia interrupt his getaway, Thad gains an accidental companion—a baking beauty who might be too tempting to resist.

When a good girl meets a bad boy, sparks are bound to fly. But this con man is about to discover the only thing he can't steal is her heart...

**To Catch a Thief is a romantic comedy series that's one part humorous and one part heartfelt, with a dash of adventure, a hint of criminal activity, and a whole heap of fun! Each book is a stand-alone romance with a HEA.


Stolen Goods is the second book in the series. When I got a chance to read it, I was very excited but also a bit reluctant. As the reading and finishing a series goes, I'm not the best. I haven't finished a single series last year, that wasn't a re-read *sigh*. It's especially hard when the first is an amazing as Hot Pursuit was, cause let's face, second in the series-with few exceptions-rarely lives up to the first one. Once I actually started reading it, I was blown away. Not only it pull you in right from the start, (I made the mistake of starting the book late at night and read till morning:) ), I loved it even more than the first one.

After the events of the Hot Pursuit. Thad is on the run for his life, with an extremely valuable painting. But before he disappears, he has to say goodbye to Jo. He tracks down one of her online baking friends to send her a message, but it doesn't go as planned and he ends up on a run with Addison. It's such an amazing story of full of love, mystery, road trip and lots of humor.

The bond between Thad and Addison is just the sweetest, they are very different, but they bring out the best in each other. When Thad is around her, he is not just a thief and a con man, he is the artist and actually very sweet. On the other hand, he brings her out of her comfort zone. 

My favorite relationship, though, is between Nate and Thad. Every scene they are in together is hilarious, from white butt check to Judo Chop. 😁

Highly recommend it!!!

Happy reading,



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  1. OMG! Yay! Thank you so much for this fantastic review and for joining my tour! So happy Stolen Goods surpassed your 2nd book expectations :)

    1. It's no problem, I loved reading the book so much :)

  2. This sounds awesome, thanks for sharing :)


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