Captivating Melody by Katherine McIntyre

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Author  Katherine McIntyre
Title Captivating Melody
Series Discord's Desire
Genre paranormal, romance, Fae
Number of pages 238
Published June 23rd 2018 by Evernight Publishing
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Received from Author

My summer started with the biggest reading slump, like ... ever. There was no book that could hold my attention, no stories that would pull me in, no book magic going on, whatsoever. One day I picked up Captivating Melody. Not only I was totally into the story, as I kept reading, I slowly rediscovered my love for reading... so this one has a special place in my heart. 

The writing is amazing, I was totally “in” the story from the very start and I could blink until the end. I love the witty dialog between main and side characters. It’s just such a good story.

So, Liz find her home managing and touring with Discord’s Desire. Not only are they good at working together, they are true friends. And my favourite part, all members of the band are Fae, all different kind and all outcasts. Liz keeps them all in line, but she has the most impact on Kieran. I love the way they talk to each other. :)Liz is my favourite, she is tough, with lots of faults, that just make her more lovable and… she is not all that human after all. :)

There is trouble brewing in Fae world. Even tough band members are determined to stay out of that world, that all changes when someone tries to kill Kieren. Every band member is special in their own way, different kind of Fae, different backgrounds and very different personalities. 

It’s such a good book, highly recommend it! :)

Happy reading,



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