Born by Aether by A. L. Knorr

Rating 💚💚💚💚💚
Author A. L. Knorr
Title Born of Aether
Series Elemental Origins #4
Number of pages 247
Published June 2nd 2017
Genre paranormal, ya
Cover 💛💛💛


For the fourth book in the series, you don't expect many surprises, but this one was definitely one. The story is extremely unique and something I haven't read yet. It's focused on entirely different mythology, that very interesting and mysterious. I was engrossed in it and  absolutely  loved reading about it and Akiko life story.

She had a very hard life to say the least. I love the way she slowly finds pieces of her life and finds freedom.

I seriously love entire book series, it so fun to read about so many different powers/mythologies and can't wait when the girls finally come together.

Happy reading,



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