Before Dawn by Elizabeth Arroyo

Rating 💚💚
Author Elizabeth Arroyo
Title Before Dawn
Published June 12th 2018 by Ellysian Press
Genre dystopia, ya, sci-fi
Cover 💛💛


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The world as we know it no longer exist, people now live in space and the Earth is filled with violent hybrids. After the dangerous infection people genome has fused with other animals and the outcome isn't pretty.

Living in the midst of that is Zoe, she has interesting ability, that she shouldn't have. She spent last year and a half surviving along side two guys that use to work for Arcane. But it's not all that simple, when everyone is hiding something.

It very interesting premise with a lot of very interesting elements, but it lacked depth and a bit more of explanation. I was often lost and not sure what is happening. There is non stop action, what I love, but the pace is at expense of the details, that would make story really amazing.

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