Born of Earth by A. L. Knorr

Rating 💚 💚 💚 💚 💚 
Author A. L. Knorr
Title Born of Earth
Series Elemental Origins #3
Number of pages 221
Published February 28th 2017
Genre elemental, magic, ya, paranormal, urban fantasy, romance, fae
Cover 💛 💛 💛



First one was OK, second was good and by the third one I’m in-love. It’s rarely that I finish a series, well it’s even rare that I go past first one, however this series has kept me glues to the pages.

Born by Earth is my favourite so far. :) I love the Irish setting and unique take on elemental powers. There were no breaks, when reading it. I’m not even sure if I blinked my eyes. :)

Georjayna has reluctantly agreed to spend Summer with her Aunt and adopted cousin. The vacation starts on a bad note. She and Jasher don’t get along and she spend most of her days alone, with no wi-fi. :) She slowly discovers secrets of the house and power tied to it. With secrets uncovering she gets closer to Jasher . I love the mystery solving part of the story, looking for clues, reading diaries, library visits. :)

I loved reading the book and it got me excited for the next one. :)

Highly recommend the series!

Happy reading,



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