Set in Stone by Natalie Williamson

Rating 💚 💚 💚 💚
Author Natalie Williamson
Title Set in Stone
Published July 2019 by Swoon Reads
Genre ya, romance

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Amber lives by set of strict rules, that make a life a bit easier. Her mother jumps from guy to guy. She made the rules, with help of her best friend, to not attached and be hurt, when mother decides to move on again.

Now they moved in with her last boyfriend Kevin. He has a daughter Cammie, that is a bit younger than her. And Cammie's best friend Jordan is the basketball star, who need a bit of help with writing assignments from Amber. 

Despite all of her rules, for not getting attaches, she grows closer to Jordan with every week and form friendship with Cammie (very slowly :) ). Lines she draws for herself are getting blurry and the rules that prevent her from attaching to anyone are making her life a lot harder right now. It might be time for a change. :)

It's such a sweet story, easy read that is perfect for summer months. :)

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