Do you ever feel like you are going to burst from all the stories in your mind ?

I haven't been able to write in few days and I feel like pressure cooker. There are so many stories to tell, thought to write, that is all just bubbling out, making me cry at random times. 

The characters are yelling at me, wanting to come out and I am finally ready to make it happen. 

This journey of writing was a long time coming. I was always a reader and secretly hoped to be author one day. I expected it to be hard, but didn't realize that the hardest part is getting over yourself. To tune out self doubt and just let the story flow. Not get discouraged by what other people do and how they make work, just getting it out your own way.

It's getting little bit easier to sit down and write, though. I hope my book will come out one day... 

Until then,

happy writing



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