Kissed by Kimberly Loth

Rating ๐Ÿ’š ๐Ÿ’š ๐Ÿ’š
Author Kimberly Loth
Title Kissed
Series The Thorn Chronicles #1
Number of pages 277
Published April 21st 2014
Genre paranormal, ya, romance


I've had trouble rating this book. I went from five stars in the beginning, to the one star in the end and then back up to three (as I read a bit of second one, that explain the ending :))

Naomi lives with her parents in very horrible environment. They are part of some kind of cult, that is very disturbing. Women have very low role, they have to obey men in everything or they get beaten. They have to cover entire body with clothes, have to be blond and are treated worse than vermin.

Naomi has accepted that this is her life now, she has one thing to keep her sane, her roses. She has greenhouse that she inherited from gramma and she spends hours in there taking care of them.

It all start to change drastically, when father tells her she is getting married (she is only 16). She starts to plan her escape. A guy start to visit her at night, kissing her, fixing her injuries and eventually kind of helps her escape. Kai gets her on a bus to Vegas, where her aunt lives. She thinks she is finally getting away from everything and she runs in more people that are like Kai. But there is all more going on that, more secrets to uncover, including who she is and who her family is. You can't be sure what is going on and who is on which side.

I love the idea behind the story and the writing, it's very captivating, I couldn't put the book down. I'm not the biggest fan of Naomi. There is a lot of insta-love, kissing and romance stuff in general that was kind of off. I get that she lived very different and sheltered life, but I don't understand that she has more problems with the length of the clothes, than she has with kissing guys, whilst claiming she loves someone else. She has a lot of reddening qualities too, bursts of confidence and strength that I really admire.

The ending got me so mad, it's very WTF?! But then I read a bit of the next book, and it's actually rather brilliant. I wish there was a bit second book in some kind of epilogue, or something of that fashion. (I almost made me not want to continue reading rest of the series).

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