I recommend: Books with Aliens

Here are five of my favourite books featuring aliens in some form, whether in dystopia setting or urban fantasy-ish. I hope you will like these stories too. 😏

1. Broken Skies

Few years after most people died in catastrophic event, aliens came to Earth and stayed her. People left live in camp or alone. Jax lives in one of those camp with her twin brother. She has hard time adjusting to medieval rules of the settlements and often run off. One of those time she encounters alien ship, she is almost discovered, only saved by her brother's diversion. He is taken and one of the aliens left behind. She struck a deal with him, she will help him find a way back, if he gets her in the city. 

Amazing dystopia setting with kick heroins and aliens. 

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2. Fear Me Not

Aliens came to Earth 11 years ago. Now government built High School, where people and aliens can live together. People are still protesting for the aliens living with us and are not very accepting, so that was a government way of promoting cohabitation and understanding. 

Victory sings on to be EVE, she will feed aliens with her emotions, for money. SHe desparatly need money, because her sister needs medicall help. Everything changes when she meets alien Shadus. 

Amazon[Fear Me Not (The EVE Chronicles Book 1)]*

3. The Rules

There are five rules Ariane has to live by, to be free. She has escaped for genetics lab and is half human, half alien. After breaking rules, she soon discovers, that rules mean to trap her, not free her. And the one person she could count on, was on the opposite side. High school drama & kick-ass sci-fi. :)

Amazon[Project Paper Doll: The Rules]*

4. Obsidian

Of course no list with book about aliens is complete without Obsidian. I love this story SOO much. :)

Katy moves to West Virginia, with her mother for a fresh start. Her next door neighbours are twins, Dee (lovely girl, that will be her BFF) & snarky, arrogant and really hot Daemon. The but heads often and their fight are hilarious. :) After saving her one day, he can't hide his secret anymore. He and his sisters are aliens.

One of my favourites book. It's funny, fast paced & full of action

Amazon[Obsidian (Lux - Book One) (Lux 1)]*

5. Grimspace

This one is more space-opera. We follow Sirantha Jax, that has the ability to jump through grimspace. She ends up in jail after crash landing her crew. 
There is a lot action. The book is really fast paced. I've really like Sirantha, she is kick-ass and snarky, perfect combo. :)


Amazon[Grimspace (Sirantha Jax series)]*

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