Hardened Hearts

Rating: 💚 💚 💚 💚 
Authors: Gwendolyn Kiste, Tom Deady, Meg Elison, John Boden, Somer Canon, Calvin Demmer, Theresa Braun, J.L. Knight, Madhvi Ramani, Scott Hallam, Robert Dean, Leo X. Robertson, Jennifer Williams, Laura Blackwell, Erin Sweet Al-Mehairi, Sarah L. Johnson
Title: Hardened Hearts
Genre: short stories
Published: December 4th 2017 by Unnerving
Number of pages: 260
Goodreads: Hardened Hearts
Amazon: Hardened Hearts(affiliate link)

Received from Author in exchange for honest review

It was the year of many changes and trying new things. Venturing in new worlds, so for the last day of the year it's quite fitting to talk about book, that is very different than books I usually love and I would never reach for in the past.

Hardened Hearths is collection of short stories, all talking about love. But not in the way we are use to (at least me). These are not happy ending, romance stories. Each story is very different, but has the same elements to it. These are stories of love, that is real, not perfect, at times heartbreaking and weird. With so many stories, that cover different aspects of love, you are bound to find some that touch you. Even though genres vary, from horror, to fiction and all in between, there is element "real-ness" to all. 

The stories that stood out and touch me are: 

It Break My Hearth to Watch You Rot by Somer Canon. It talk about watching someone you love, forgetting you, forgetting yourself and watching him slowly die, whilst you stand by, helplessly. 

The Pink Ballon by Tom Deady. It talks about  the most horrible thing than can happen to you, death of a child and the guilt that you cannot live with.

Heirloom by Theresa Braun. This is one really amazing story, that has Stephan King vibe to it. It really spooky story that I was pulled in totally and wanted to read more of. 

It's that kind of book, that could be great for anyone, because there are so many different parts. I would love to see some of there stories blown up to full size novels. :)

Happy reading,



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