Stolen Princess: A Kilenya Chronicles Story

Rating: 💚 💚 💚 💚 💚
Author: Andrea Pearson
Title: Stolen Princess: A Kilenya Chronicles Story
Published: November 24th 2017
Number of pages: 82
Genre: high-fantasy
Goodreads: Stolen Princess
Amazon:Stolen Princess: A Kilenya Chronicles Story (Affiliate link)

Received from Author in exchange for honest review

When Prince Dimitri returns home early, he finds out that the castle was attacked and his Princess taken. He takes a group of his best men and friends to find her. They travel through four elemental traps (in reverse order as Jacob). 

During the travel, the castle is attacked again and the war is starting, but Dimitri must save the Princess first.

I really reading Stolen Princess, it adds another dimension to The Kilenya Chronicles. I can't wait to read Ember Gods know. :)

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