Rise by Sierra Cross

Rating: 💚 💚 💚 💚
Author: Sierra Cross
Title: Rise
Series: Spelldrift: Coven Of Fire #1
Number of pages: 258
Published: April 17th 2017 by Enigmatic Books
Genre: urban fantasy, magic, romance, paranormal
Goodreads link: Rise

I love magic and love reading about it, especially in urban fantasy setting, so this was definitely a book for me.

Alix was born into magic, her mother was in Coven of Fire. After huge battle her family died, except for her Aunt, that help to raise her. Even though she was born into magic, she has almost none. She worked on it for most of her teen years, before accepting that she is just a Wont (non magic person). There is one more person that helped her a lot. Matt was working with her mother, during the battle, he was pushed into somewhere in between and is able to appear, like a ghost to Alix for time to time.

There is high demonic activity and only way to stop that, is to form a Coven. Alix has to find witches, to complete the Coven and discover her own magic. With help of Callie and Liz, childhood friends, sarcastic warlock Asher and guarding Matt they can do anything.

Story is really dynamic, full of twists and turn. I really enjoyed reading it and was totally immersed in it. Really good book and I can't wait to read more of this world.

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