Evlon by Maia Starr

Rating: 💚 💚
Maia Starr

Title: Evlon
Series: Zenkian Warriors
Genre: romance, alliens
Published: October 6th 2017 
Goodreads: Evlon

Received from Author in exchange for honest review

Zenkians are alien special, that is invading Earth, stealing women and resources. Because they are stronger and more advance, the Earth can't defend itself. IN order to save Earth, Miranda and few of her teammates go on mission to their planet, to talk about peace. Instead they are tricked and secretly abducted.

Evlon is second in command, ruthless warrior, with no regard for anyone. Against her best judgement, Miranda falls for him. 

Idea behind the story is good and has a lot of potential to develop, the world and characters. I didn't like the writing style and have a hard time connecting to the story or care for characters.

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