Broken Skies by Theresa Kay

Rating: 💚 💚 💚 💚 💚
Author: Theresa Kay
Title: Broken Skies
Series: Broken Skies #1
Genre: dystopia, aliens, sci-fi, romance, ya
Number of pages: 297
Published: April 2014
Goodreads:Broken Skies
Amazon: Broken Skies(Affiliate link)

The story is set in future, after catastrophic event killed most of the humans. People form few settlement around the world. Fer years after that, aliens came to Earth, to live her. They have been in conflict with people ever since. In one of those camps live Jax and her twin brother. They use to live alone, so Jax has hard time conforming to the rules of the camp. The camp itself is very weird, women have very little rights.

She often escapes outside, to relax. Something happen to her in the past, that still hounghts her. She has panic attacks and is often very anxious.

On one of those escapes, she sees aliens landing near bye. Out of curiosity, she stays and looks, instead of running and is almost discovered. Her brother saves her, acting like a diversion, but is taken by aliens. They leave one behind.

They form unlikely bond. She will help him back to his city, if he helps her get in, so she can save her brother.

It's the story of love between siblings, survival, dystopia, aliens and special powers. ALL of my favourite things, oh and really cool romance. :)

Highly recommend it!

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