The Truth Spell by Anita Oh

Rating: 💚 💚 💚 💚
Author: Anita Oh
Title: The Truth Spell
Series: Werewolf High #1
Published: November 21st 2015
Number of Pages: 154
Genre: paranormal, magic, werewolves, ya, fantasy
Goodreads link: The Truth Spell
Amazon link: The Truth Spell

We follow Lucy, down to Earth girl, who just got scholarship to prestigious high school. She knew she would never really fit in, but had to try, for her family sake. Her mother got sick and her father left them, so she was left to take care for her brothers and make money. She learned to fix computers, so she could buy food.

People at school are divided in  groups, Red (where she is), Green (people with a lot more money are) and Golden (richest of the rich). More money, more power, even at school.

At school she catches glimps of a guy that look like her childhood best friend, that died 3 years ago. He is hanging with Golden.

She buts heads with Tennyson Wilde, one of Golden's, almost immediately. It bring her a lot of bullying and trouble. 

It an easy, quick read, with really fast pace and good writing. I got pulled in immediately and couldn't stop reading. The characters are well developed and interesting. I really like the dynamics between them. And I actually liked the lightness of it.

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