Favourite summer book

Even though fall official doesn't start for few more week, I always kind of considered start of September, as the start of fall. It's the month of change. Weather is slowly cooling (it's about time :) ), leaves are starting to change colours, evening are shorter... 

A lot will change for me too. I was starting to think I just just give up on writing. Lately almost all of my writing time has been drowned by self doubts. But... I realised I can't. It's just to big of a part of my life. There is story to be told. No matter how good or bad it will turn out. Maybe the change of winds, will bring some new perspective. 

As I look back on Summer, several thing come to mind. Fun we had, awesome days spent in pool, all the movies, all the books (of course :)). Here are some book, that made my Summer great, change a bit of me and made me smile:

That are your favourite Summer books ?

Happy reading,



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