#5 favourite series

It's been a while since I've anything about book series. I love them, I love the stories that take more than one book to tell. However, last few year there were only few series, where I loved all the books, there are my favourites.

1. Harry Potter

First book series I loved and still do. I re-read it at least once a year and it only gets better. My favourite book in the series are Chamber of Secrets and Deathly Hollow

2. Percy Jackson

Highly entertaining and fast paced books, that you can't put down. No other Greek mythology book comes even close to Percy, it kind ruined me for other similar books. :)

3. The Lunar Chronicles

My favourite fairy tale retelling, with all bad-ass characters, magic and cyborg- perfect combination. :)

4. Inheritance Cycle 

I loved Eragon and Saphira and all of their adventure. Dragons, elves, magic, dwarfs and lots of other magical creatures. One of those books, that pulls you in and never let you go.

5. Relentless 

Urban fantasy-ish books, with Mohiri, immortal warriors, werewolves, friendship and really fun romance. 

What are some of your favourite series?



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