Sound of Sirens by Jen Minkman

Rating:  💚 💚 💚 💚 💚
Author: Jen Minkman
Title: Sound of Sirens
Series: Tales of Skylge
Published: November 2014
Number of pages: 170
Genre: fantasy, fiction, romance, mermaids, ya
Goodreads link: Sound of Sirens

On the island of Skylge live two different people: Skylgers (original residents), that are treated as second class and Currents, who came across the see and invaded the island under the pretence of the protection. They brought with them holy fire to protect them from sirens call. Sirens sing and lead you to the see, where they steel your soul and body.

Enna is Skylinger and lives with sick father and brother that is a sailor. One day he brings her LP, record that can only be played on the electronic device of the Currents. Royce, is from richest Current family and pianist. He want to buy LP from Enna, but she refuses. So they struck a deal, they will listen to it together. They form a friendship that turns into more.

History of the island is written by the winners, so not all is as it seem.

This is such a lovely story, that will make you swoon. Enna and Royce are both very strong character, special and trapped in their own way. It is the story of love, friendship, family, rebellion. And it is just so beautiful. I could reread it for a million times and still love it.

Highly recommend it!

Happy reading!



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