Witches of the Glass Castle by Gabriella Lepore

Rating: 💚 💚 💚 💚 💚
Author: Gabriella Lepore
Title: Witches of the Glass Castle
Series: The Witches of the Glass Castle #1
Published: March 2017 (first September 2011)
Goodreads link: Witches of the Glass Castle
Genre: fantasy, paranormal, magic, romance, ya

Received from Oftomes publishing. 

I went into it not really expecting much and I was pleasantly surprised. I really like books about magic, especially when they are put in urban-fantasy-ish setting.

Book follows Mia and Dino, brother and sister. After accident (witch I want to know more about), they gain powers. Their mother and aunt (they never meet their father) take them to the Glass Castle for the summer to develop and understand their powers.

I love the dynamics of their relationship, they go from dislike, hate back to love. I also really like development of their characters.

Dino struggles with his powers, with controlling and understanding them and pushes Mia away in the process. He manages to find one friend Blue, that stick by him till the end. Mia has other problems, she has trouble even finding out what her powers are. She gets help from handsome hunter Colt (💙) and they grow closer after a while. Colt is my favourite character in the whole book. He is really cocky and witty, someone you just have to love.

There were few minor problems with the story. I wish the romance was more developed, also wish there was about the whole castle dynamics and other characters.

The story was really gripping, after first few chapters you just HAVE to finish it. :)

Also, the sequel releases today, yeey. :) (The Witches of the Dark Power) Can't wait to read it and go back to that world.  I really want to know more about Mia's powers and what happens next. (and to be honest I want to read more about Colt. :))

Happy reading!



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