Night Shift by B. R. Myers

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Author: B.R. Myers

Title: Night Shift

Series: Night Shift Series #1

Number of pages: 326

Published: October 2013

Received from NetGalley

Wow, this book really blew me away. I had a bit of bad luck lately with ARC's from NetGalley, well this one made up for all the bad ones. I was in constant suspense from page one. It definitely wasn't predictable. I was constantly surprised by the turns of the events. And the ending.... it was PERFECT.

It is a story of Daniel Gale , who decided to leave school and travel the world, looking for a lost memory. With parents both gone, he is a bit lost, looking for a home. Last place on his list is Willard's store in New York where he takes job as a Night Guard. On his job interview, the boss asks him if he believes in ghost, and he said no. 

On his first night he hears some things and fall into empty elevator shaft, only to be saved by someone who should not be there. It is a beautiful girl, Mary and she tells him she works nights to. Well that turns out it is not entirely true and that is where this start to get reaaaaly interesting. 

It is so well written book. Every chapter end on a cliffhanger, you just cannot stop yourself from turning the pages. Also bonus point, I love that one of the female characters is in love with another woman. I love the it was done. Lately authors have been trying to be more divers, but if feels forced most of the time, something that should be natural, looks out of place, and that is just not OK. In this book it is written, just as it supposed to be, natural part of live, adding to the flow of the story, rather than taking away. 

I love this book all together. Highly recommend it.

Happy reading!



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