Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone


So excited that I am finally writing about this book and this book series.
Harry Potter has a special part in my heart, these books made a reader I am today. They really got me into reading. I read books before...  maybe just one or two a month. After this my nose was permanently stuck to one book or another.
I remember first time I have read it. I was about ten or eleven and I saw segment on news about Harry and  asked my dad if I could get it. Next day he got first three books and have read them all in the first two days.
J. K. Rowling is phenomenal writer. The story she start to weave in the first book in so intriguing you can actually see it clearly in your head (not just me, right?). This was the first book ever I have read for first to last page, without putting it down.
It is the story of a boy who has a crappy life, but still manages to be kind and brave. He does let the world to put him down. His life changes completely, when the letter arrive. He goes to Hogwarts, makes friends and start to learn about magic.
It is not just about magical school, but also about value of friendship, being true to yourself, no matter what...  about good and evil, growing up, family or the lack of there of. And this is why this book is so amazing, it has so many layers. I re-read Harry Potter every year at least once, and I always find something new, something I haven't notice before.
Recently my niece started to read it to. Never been more proud before. There is another reader in the world. :)


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